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Magic Brush Sets











MAGIC BRUSH © - remove winter coat/mud/scurf and get a super glossy summer coat

Authentic and Original MAGIC BRUSH ©  -Guarantee the BEST horse brush you will ever own or your money back

Magic Brush © COAT
 - Suited to ALL types and BREEDS of horse hair (from the hairy to the sensitive)
 - Ideal for removing winter coat
 - Effortlessly lifts dried sweat and scurf right down to the skin
 - Massages whilst cleaning
 - Perfect as a sweat scraper and shampooing your horse
 - Removes stubborn horse hair from rugs and saddle blankets

Magic Brush © LEG

 - Reliably removes dirt, mud and stubborn grass stains
 - Protect joints and bones
 - Gets into the tightest of depressions
 - Ergonomic shape, light weight and easy to use
 - Easy to clean and can even go in the washing machine

Magic Brush © Additional Brilliant FEATURES:
 - High quality EU material, makes the brush nearly indestructible
 - Unique triangular and conical shaped quadro bristles allow astonishing results in cleaning, grooming and massaging
 - Adjusts to the surface it is used on
 - Can be used on other animal such as cats, dogs, cows etc.
 - Can be used for other purposes such as cleaning horse troughs, mud and sand off your boots, saw dust off your socks etc.

Set of 3 Magic Brushes © which ensures hygienic usage or have a brush in each location i.e. stables, tie ups, wash bay, float, back door etc.