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Nature Vet Retread Powder

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Nature Vet Retread Powder 1.2kg

Retread is a convenient powder for daily addition to the feed, which provides nutrients important for hoof growth and condition which are often lacking in feed & natural pasture. Constituents: Biotin 2mg/g DL Methionine 333.3 mg/g Zinc sulfate 12.2mg/g Magnesium oxide: 273.3mg/g Retread is indicated to assist in the repair of hoof disorders such as damaged or poor quality hooves, thin or brittle walls, thin soles, easily bruised heels and poorly formed frogs. Retread provides essential nutrients required to ensure accelerated keratin and hoof production. Whist keratin production occurs naturally in response to injury, it can only occur if all nutrients required are available on a daily basis. Retread contains Biotin (well recognised as the rate limiting factor for hoof growth and quality), and Methionine as the sulfur containing amino acid which is required more by keratin than any other tissue. Biotin and Methionine are often deficient when accelerated hoof growth & repair are required. Cysteine (another important sulfur amino acid essential to hoof & hair growth) can be manufactured from Methionine. Zinc is an essential cofactor in hoof and skin maintenance & repair. It is often in limited supply in poor quality pasture and grain-based feeds. Zinc supply may also be limited in the presence of high calcium rations. If the supply of zinc is marginal, the tissues with the highest demands for zinc (usually skin, hoof and coat) will suffer first. Magnesium is an essential mineral in a wide range of body enzyme processes, including those necessary for the manufacture of Keratin. Retread has positive effects on the rate of hoof repair and regeneration, and unlike many other methionine-containing supplements, should not adversely affect palatability of the feed. Directions for Use: To avoid the powder being sifted from the feed, mix into feed well and dampen with water, molasses or oil as suits the individual horse. Adult Horse: 15g daily (1 scoop provides 15g) Administer daily for at least 6 - 9 months for best results. Improvement in hoof quality begins as a visible improvment in 2 - 5 months. Treatment of hoof conditions should always be considered as long term, often requiring 9 months or more. Size: 1.2kg