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Prestige Jump Saddles
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Prestige X-Breath

Available in Black or Tobacco

Comes with Free Mounts

Prestige Italia has been able to develop a saddle that offers closeness and comfort for the rider, whilst ensuring the comfort and wellbeing of the horse.

For the first time, Prestige presents an ultralight saddle, its “X-Breath” - a specially designed to facilitate greater air movement under the saddle.

This increased airflow helps the muscles of the horse's back to perform at their optimum level for a longer period.

This unique comfort feature is provided by the large aperture in the saddle seat, which has been included to give special benefits:

This oval hole is located in the centre of the seat and has a dual functions:
- ventilation for better air circulation, so cooling both horse and rider
- a therapeutic function, as the anatomically shaped hole relieves pressure on the coccyx.

The hole is covered by a special ultra-elastic honeycomb material that increases the comfort of the seat.

There are also holes on the saddle flaps and underflaps, to make for greater lightness and improved ventilation.

The saddle has new ultralight panels to replace conventional stuffed panels. These panels are made of the same synthetic material as the stuffing, combined with a new honeycomb material that is highly elastic and offer significant improvements on the use of felt and foam material which can overheat, give a dead feel or cause pressure and pain.

The thickness of the panels is significantly reduced.

Jarring and fatigue is reduced due to the rebound qualities of the high tech materials.

The Prestige X-Breath offers excellent stability and helps to keep the horse's back cool and comfortable.


Technical data: 
Seat: 16” 17” 18” 
Withers channel: from 29 to 37
Blocks: small, front and rear (medium on request) 
Flap projections: standard / +2cm / +4cm
The seat and knee-pads are covered in double oiled calfskin to give a better grip. 

Printed Leather $4,895.00

Calfskin $5,195.00

Lux Leather $5,295.00