Prestige Dressage Saddles

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Prestige D1D Zero

Available in Black or Tobacco

The D1D Zero saddle is different from the previous model because it offers now a
narrower twist to the rider.
This has been possible by working on the following three points:
- the saddle tree is now thinner in the middle
- the upper part of the flaps is now in calfskin instead of leather , so that we could obtain less
thickness in this area
- the under flaps in the same area of the calfskin inserts of the flaps, have a special thermo-sensitive
rubber so that it is possible to reach an even lower thickness.

Soft Calf Skin $5,750

Colours: Black or Tobacco

Leather- Soft Calf skin or Lux Leather

Tree- Lifetime Warranty

Leather Stitching- 2 Years from Manufacture