Gag Bits & Anti-Rearing Bits


Zilco Gag Bits

Wonder Gag 3 Piece

Stainless Steel. Similar action to the Pessoa Gag but with a more direct action. 

The double joint delivers prevents the harsh "nutcracker" action and applies less palate pressure than the single joint of the Pessoa. The lozenge is copper coated stainless steel to encourage acceptance of the bit.

Code: 123156

Cob Size (5"/12.5cm)
Mouth Thickness 13mm 
Cheek Length 188mm 

Pessoa Gag Bits

Pessoa Type Gag Bit

Also referred to as a "Dutch" Gag or "Continental" Gag. Popular in showjumping and eventing. 

The rein can be attached to the large ring for an action similar to a snaffle. A curb rein can be attached to one of the bottom rings to introduce a gag action. The lower the curb rein is attached, the stronger the gag action will be. 

Code: 12355
Cob Size (5"/12.5cm) 
Mouth Thickness 21mm 
Cheek Length 185mm 

Full Size (5 1/2"/14cm)
Mouth Thickness 21mm 
Cheek Length 185mm

Anti-Rearing Bits

Anti-Rearing Bit Stainless Steel

Designed to prevent young horses from rearing while being led. Ideal for use at the race track. Stainless Steel.