Bit Accessories


Quality Leather Curb Strap

Harness Leather Curb Strap

5/8" Wide, solid brass buckles. Design detail provides added sensitivity to bit response.

Code: AD9206HL


Quality Leather Curb Straps

Quality Leather Curb Strap #AD9207HL

Double Knot Curb Strap

Harness leather curb lined with burgundy latigo and fastened with latigo knots.

 Code: AD9207HL

Quality Leather Curb Chains

Flat Link Show Curb Chains

Stainless steel chain, removable buckles, quality leather ends in three finishes

 Code: 9100

Quality Leather Curb Chain

Harness Leather Curb with Single Chain Link

Harness leather 1/2" curb ens with single link, nickel plated chain and centre bar buckles. Extra long straps for high purchase bits.

 Code: 9001XL

Curb Strap

Curb Strap

This style of curb strap is very popular, and is designed to prevent the bit from pulling through the horse's mouth. Synthetic.


 Code: 132521

Curb Chains

Curb Chain

Stainless Steel curb chain with double interlocking links to lie flat against the horse's chin, making it less likely to pinch.

20 links - Pony Size
24 Links - Cob Size

28 Links - Full Size

Curb Chain Hooks

Curb Chain Hooks

Stainless Steel hooks to attach the curb chain to the bit. 
Sold as a pair.

Grainge Elite Chain Guard

Grainge Elite Chain Guard

Available in Black or Havana


Open Curb Chain Cover

Oregon Open Curb Chain Cover

This is an open style high-quality curb chain cover. The flat leather surface lays flat against the horse's chin, while the loops hold the curb chain in place and leave them exposed for easy access to the fly link where lip straps are also used. 

Curb Chain Cover

Curb Chain Cover- Closed Flat Leather

Closed leather cover for curb chains made from  veg-tanned leather. 

Curb chain covers are designed to helps prevent chafing of the horse's chin. This model includes a centre slot for the fly link to be brought through where lip straps are also used.

Available in Black or Havana