Training Equipment


Lip Cord Lead

Lip Cord Lead

  • Premium leather halter lip cord lead.

  • Please Note: Under AQHA rules the lip cord lead is only acceptable in Amateur and Open Halter classes for stallions 1 year of age and older. It is prohibited for use on weanlings, mares and geldings. 

  • Comfortable wear-resistant poly blend 3/8" round cord is non-abrasive. It measures 27" long and attaches with a nickel plated swivel to the 6'8" leather lead. Has two adjustable rubber stops.
  • The lip cord lead was created to adhere to AQHA rules. It is designed to improve safety when handling stallions and encouraging a kinder method of curbing stallion behavior. Lip cord must be applied over the gums. It must have an unsecured rubber keeper on the near side that keeps the cord in place.The lip cord stallion lead is supple, dark grade A leather for beauty and longevity.


Premium Cotton Lunge Reins

Premium Cotton Lunge Line

1" Heavy tan cotton webbing lunge line, 25' long with harness leather reinforcing at snap and end button. Available with 30" brass plated chain or swivel snap.


Yo Yo Headsetter

Yo Yo Headsetter

Harness leather with bronze hardware, bungee cord center, sliding nylon rope with snap ends. When the headsetter is adjusted to the desired headset, the horse will feel resistance when their head raises, and will be rewarded when the head is returned to the desired level. Snaps directly to the bit.

Quality Herman Oak German Martingale

German Martingale

premium Hermann Oak harness leather. Neck strap holds the martingale properly allowing variable headsetting in any of 3 positions.

Available in Single or Split rein style.

Surgical Training Forks

surgical tube training forks

Surgical Training Forks

Our premium heavy harness leather from Hermann Oak tannery is used in constructing these durable training forks with surgical tube fork.

Training Martingale with Rope

Training Martingale with Neck Rope

Harness leather with nickel hardware, riveted construction. Nylon cord neck rope has handy horn loop to keep martingale in place.

Texas Training Fork

Texas Training Fork

Heavy harness leather 5/8" construction, adjustable forks, nickel hardware.

Lunge Strap

lunging straps #6835lu

Lunging Strap

Makes changing direction easy. Clip to each side of bit and attached lunge strap or lead rope to swivel centre D for solid control.

Lunging Cavesson

lunge cavesson #10537

Lunging Cavesson

High quality cavesson in nylon with soft-lined noseband. Equipped with clasps that fit most lunging lines and aid-reins.

Grainge Training Aids

Grainge Deluxe Draw Reins

These draw reins are one continuous length. The cord runs through a swivel clip at the girth to provide free running which lessons resistance and allows the rider to establish a better and more even contact.