Stirrup Irons


Eurohunter Stirrup Irons

Eurohunter Stirrup Irons

Chrome plaited irons with black treads. Strong and rust resistant.

Grainge Stirrup Irons

Grainge Bulgy Stirrup Irons #GRSIONV500

Grainge Bulgy Stirrup Irons

Specially designed stainless steel stirrup iron that is wider and more elegant.

Grainge Stirrup Irons

Grainge Fillis Stirrup Irons

Stainless steel, complete with white rubber treads.



Stirrup Irons

Peacock Safety Stirrups

The Peacock iron is very popular for use by children. It is a variety of safety iron, designed so that the rubber ring is located on the outside of the foot, and will come away in the event of a fall. The idea of this is that the foot is released and prevents the rider from being "hung up".

Come complete with Rubber rings & Leather tabs

Prestige Stirrups

Prestige Stephi Stirrups

Machined from solid aluminium to ensure optimum performance


Prestige Stirrup irons

Prestige MG Stirrups

MG Stirrups. Made from magnesium, with an option of two heavy/light metal treads which are interchangeable by a quick change system Stirrups with heavy pad. 650 gr. Stirrups with light pad. 400 gr. colours: black/titanium

Prestige Stirrup Irons

Prestige Endurance Stirrups with Safety Cage

Thorowgood Tuff Stirrups

Thorowgood Tuff Stirrups

Tough light polymer stirrups that wont rust.


Tekna Stirrup Irons

Tekna Flex-Tek Stirrups #TEK4000x

Tekna Flex-Tek Stirrups

Strong steel pivot knuckle encased in the moulded covering, allows the rider to gain the benefit of the flexible pad angle. Each pair is packed with easily changed metal or rubber pads.

Rubber Available in Black, Charcoal or Silver

Safety Irons

safety irons #8734ir

Childrens Safety Irons 10cm