Eurohunter Girths

eurohunter shaped elastic girth

Eurohunter Shaped Elastic Girth

Anatomically shaped for greater comfort.
Automatic buckle closure for ease of use.

Eurohunter Girths

Eurohunter Deluxe Gel Anti-Gall Girth

Our best-selling girth is made with a gel centre and elastic both ends which helps give your horse the care it needs when working.

Available in Black only

Eurohunter Girths

Eurohunter Anti-Gall Elastic Girth


Lonsdale anti-gall, with elastic on one end and stainless steel roller buckles

Available in Black only

Eurohunter Girths

Eurohunter Anti-Gall Tubular Girth


Available in Black, Brown or White


Eurohunter Girths

Eurohunter Neoprene Automatic Girth

Super comfort, sweat absorbing 10cm neoprene girth with roller buckles. Automatically finds each hole when tightening.

Available in Black only

Professional Choice Equilizer Girth

pro choice ventech equilizer girth

Pro Choice SMX VenTech Equilizer Girth

• The ventilated limestone-based, non-slip neoprene liner conforms to the horse, allows heat and moisture to escape, and keeps the horse comfortable.
• A detachable neoprene liner peels away from webbing for easy washing.
• The VenTECH™ Equalizer Girth has a reinforced steel equaliser, which allows pressure to be evenly distributed to the billets to ensure a secure fit.
• Heavy-duty webbing with reinforced nylon stitching provides durability, while the ventilated waffle-patterned, non-slip neoprene holds saddles in place without over tightening.

PDS Relief Girth

PDS Relief Girth

Designed for horses who are prone to pinching and rubbing


Pessoa Girths

Shown in Oakbark

Pessoa Zig Zag Girth

High quality smooth leather girth made by the Pessoa saddle maker.

Available in Oakbark, Black or Brown

Pessoa Girths

Shown in Irish

Pessoa Fancy Belly Girth

High quality, smooth leather belly girth available in fancy elastic and plain elastic designs.

Available in Oakbark, Black or Irish

Prestige Girths

Prestige Anatomic Girth

We have found this girth to work great on horses with a forward girth groove or for the big bellied horses. Helps keep saddles from sliding forward. Beautifully shaped dressage girth made from a soft, supple leather. Elastic on both ends