Wahl Clippers

Wahl KM-2 Clippers

Wahl KM-2 Two Speed Clippers

Professional Rotary Motor Animal Clipper complete with #10 Blade .

  • High & Low Speeds.
  • Cool Running.
  • Fast Cutting.
  • Lightweight.
  • Quiet.
  • Ergonomic Design.
  • Powerful 45W Motor.
  • Uses Standard Snap-On Type Blades.

Oster Clippers

Oster Clipmaster

Heavy duty clipper that comes with blade set, clipper oil, blade guard and chamois, all in a strong carry case.


Wahl Clipper Oil

wahl clipper oil

Wahl Clipper Oil 59ml

Grooming Razors


Set of 4

Bic Medical quality disposable razors packed in a set of 4. A popular choice for tidying up muzzles. 

Horse Shaver Pack

cheval horse shavers

Cheval Horse Shaver Pack

A must have item for your grooming bag. Trim your horses whiskers with ease.

World's Best Hoof Oil

World's Best Hoof Oil Show Gloss Diamonds

Show Gloss Diamonds is a safe water based dressing that is full of Sparkles & Glitter that will make your horse stand out in the crowd ! Dazzle your Club members with  with exciting new product. comes with a internal brush and simply the very best Glitter in the world as a base.           


Chalk Block

Chalk Block

Essential for those last minute touch ups

Colours Available-

White $7.95

Black $11.95

Brown $11.95

Show Touch up

shapleys touch up spray

Shapleys Touch Up Enhancer

Show Touch-Ups are colour enhancing sprays designed to safely and effectively conceal stains, scars, blemishes, and flaws.


Show Touch-Ups cover completely and will produce a wide range of colours depending on the number of coats applied. The colours will not smear, clump, rub off or damage the coat.


Show Touch-Ups can also be used to enhance tails and feathered legs, creating a full, natural look.

Ultra Shining Spray

ultra final touch shining spray

Ultra Final Touch Shining Spray

The "Final Touch" in producing a million dollar shine. Extra gentle formula leaves hair glistening, while citronella scent repels flies.


Absorbine Showsheen Mist

absorbine showsheen finishing mist spray

Absorbine Showsheen

Finishing Mist Spray

Celebrated worldwide as the best-selling hair polish in over 25 countries, ShowSheen is now available as a Finishing Mist. Perfect for last-minute touch-ups, ShowSheen Finishing Mist has a continuous, quiet sprayer that won't spook your horse and even sprays upside down.

  • Continuous sprayer offers uniform and complete coverage
  • Quiet sprayer won't spook your horse and even works upside down
  • Enriched with pro-vitamins to nourish the coat for a world-class shine
  • New silk proteins strengthen mane and tail hair for a more beautiful appearance
  • Fresh scents of jasmine and sandalwood pamper your horse