Slinky Hoods


Slicker Hoods

Full Zipper Slicker Hoods

  • Made of 8 oz durable lycra
  • High quality reinforced zipper for easy on/off
  • Use as a light summer hood to keep braids and bands neat before a show, helps lay the mane down and keep face and neck clean.
  • Colors: Burgundy, Royal Blue, or Purple
  • Sizes:
  • Small 181kg - 362kg
  • Medium 362kg - 498kg
  •  Large 498kg - 635kg
  •  X-Large 635kg +

Miniature Horse Slicker

Mini Zipper Slicker Hood

  • Durable 7 oz. 4 way stretch lycra to protect mane and keep horse clean.
  • No-rub face design with no center seam and extra large eye holes.
  • Elastic girth with Velcro fastening.
  • Full separating heavy duty zipper for easier on/off.
  • Sizes: small (weanling), medium (yearling), large ("A" horse 34" and under) or x-large ("b" horse 38" and under)
  • Navy Only