Fly Solutions


Troy Fly Repella

Troy Fly Repella Cream #TR130

Troy Fly Repella 100g

Troy Fly Repella cream is an effective repellent against flies and biting insects on dogs and horses. Its antiseptic properties make Fly Repella Cream a safe choice for use on wounds, badly affected ears, and other body parts.

Troy Fly Protecta

Troy Protecta 100g

Biting Insect Repellent and Antiseptic Cream with UV Protection

Topical application for use on dogs & horses.

Repels flies and biting insects

Contains UV blockers, aiding short term protection from sun damage

Cosmetic cream base, improving application & compliance.

Contains an antiseptic to aid wound healing, reducing bacterial infection.

Troy Repel X Fly Spray

Troy Repel-X

Fast killing action against fleas and flies and offers effective repellency against flies, mosquitoes and other biting insects.

Available in 500ml & 5 Litres


Flygon Spray

Flygon 500ml

To repel flies and other biting insects on horses, dogs, cattle and pigs. For the control of fleas and lice on dogs and cats.

Available in 500ml & 5 Litres



Virbac Flyaway Spray

Flyaway 500ml

For the treatment of nuisance insects
• Bush Fly (Musca vetustissima)
• House Fly (Musca domestica)
• Stable Fly (Stomoxys calcitrans)
• Midges or Sandflies (Culicoides spp.) therefore aiding
in the prevention of Queensland Itch associated with
(Culicoides spp.).

Available in 500ml & 5 Litres


Brute Fly Spray

flycam brute for horses

Flycam Brute For horses 500ml with Mitt

BRUTE® Insecticide for Horses is a ready-to-use product containing the pyrethroid insecticide Permethrin in a non-irritating oil based formulation with a high residual efficacy against biting and nuisance flies and biting midges (Culicoides spp.) the causal agents of Queensland Itch on horses.



BRUTE® Insecticide for Horses will give residual control of susceptible Buffalo Fly (Haematobia irritans exigua), Stable Fly (Stomoxys calcitrans) and House Fly (Musca domestica.) and Sand Fly or biting midges (Culicoides spp.) the causal agents of Queensland Itch on horses.


BRUTE® Insecticides for Horses is available in 500ml bottle with a convenient 25ml measuring chamber on top.


BRUTE® Insecticides for Horses is applied with the use of the BRUTE® Wipe-on Applicator Mit.


  1. BRUTE® is the most concentrated permethrin based product available for horses to assure maximum residual efficacy.

  2. BRUTE® is the only product currently registered for use on horses as a Wipe-on application.

  3. BRUTE® is a low irritant formulation.

  4. The wipe-on application technique allows the product to be applied to the most affected areas and to areas where pests tend to congregate.

  5. Regular use of the product (weekly) will give effective control of susceptible Buffalo Fly, Stable Fly and Hose Fly.

  6. Regular use of the product (weekly) will prevent, reduce or eliminate Queensland Itch on horses.

  7. Rain resistant formula for longer lasting effectiveness.

  8. One bottle with treat 16 to 27 horses depending on live weight for biting and nuisance flies.

  9. BRUTE® is manufactured in Queensland.


Musca-Ban 500ml

Musca-Ban Spray is a pet insecticidal spray for dogs, cats and horses. Musca-Ban Insecticidal Spray has dual knockdown strength to protect pets from flies and mosquitoes. At the same time, Musca-Ban Insecticidal Spray fights fleas and lice on dogs and cats.

Musca-Ban contains natural insecticides like pyrethrins. Pyrethrins work rapidly - they penetrate the insect’s nervous system and knocks them down upon contact. However pyrethrins are non-toxic to humans - they do not accumulate on skin tissues and are non-irritable, making Musca-Ban Insecticidal Spray deadly on insects yet friendly on pets and pet owners alike.

Permetrol 1L

permetrol spray

Permetrol 1L

Permetrol is an insecticidal spray and rinse concentrate for dogs and horses. Permetrol aids treatment of QLD Itch in horses and flea allergy dermatitis in dogs summer eczema. Also controls, ticks, stable amp; buffalo flies and fleas. Dilute 10ml in 400ml of water and spray on. Contains 40g/L Permethrin