Western Bits


Pro Cathedral Bit

Pro Cathedral Bit

  • Nice bit for teaching horses the proper head set while maintaining loose reins
  • Long straighter cheeks increase the response from riders hand to the mouth
  • Relies on bar and palate pressure, offering relief when horse flexes at the poll
  • Black steel cheeks with decorative stainless steel dot accents
  • Black stainless steel mouthpiece
  • Mouthpiece:  5”
  • Cheeks:  8”
  • Port:  2 ½”
  • Bit diameter:  7/16”


Code: 05965

Pro Cathedral Bit

Pro Correction Cathedral Mouth with Antique Finish

  • 5" Mouth
  • 2 1/2" port
  • 7 1/2" antique finish cheeks
  • Engraved silver trim
  • Cathedral mouth with copper rollers


Code: 05947

3 Piece Snaffle

3 Piece Stainless Snaffle Bit

  • A nice bit for young horses or riders with inexperienced hands
  • Extra ‘dog bone  link’ helps spread pressure evenly across the mouth
  • Eliminates the ‘nutcracker’ effect  if pulled on too heavily
  • Stainless steel swivel shanks allow rider to work each side individually
  • Mouthpiece:  5”
  • Cheeks:  6”
  • Bit diameter:  3/8”


Code: 00395

Spring Loaded Spoon Bit

Robart Precision Spring Loaded Spoon Mouth

  • Nicely balanced bit for the show ring or for schooling and training
  • Spring loaded correction allows each side to be worked individually
  • Allows milder palate pressure with the swept back spoon port
  • Can be harsh as tongue pressure is applied at the flexible joint
  • Reminds horses to keep their heads in the ‘comfort zone’
  • High gloss black stainless steel cheeks with German silver overlay
  • Stainless steel mouthpiece
  • Mouthpiece:  5”
  • Cheeks:  7 ½”
  • Port:  2”
  • Bit diameter:  9/16”


Code: 05270

Spoon Training Bit

Spoon Supreme Training Bit

Professionally designed for superior control. Spoon encourages horse to flex at the poll and helps lighten the front end.


  • 5" Mouth
  • 2" port
  • 8" cheeks
  • Sweet Iron Angled Spoon
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper Inlays


Code: 00513

Correction Bit wth Copper

correction with copper inlay #21860

Correction Bit with Copper Inlay

  • 2" port
  • Copper inlay mouth
  • 7" Antique Bronze cheek with Silver Plate accents

Code: 21860

Pinchless Training Snaffle

Robart Pinchless Training Snaffle

New bit design eliminates pinched cheeks and tongues, reducing tension. Internal bushing allows the center joint to roll without grabbing. Mouths stay closed and calm, horses can concentrate on learning and performing.


  • 5" Mouth
  • 6 3/4" Shanks
  • Eliminates pinching
  • Copper inlaid snaffle mouth
  • Stainless steel shanks


Code: 04983

Correction Bits

copper correction bit 08397

Copper Correction Bit 

5" copper mouth with a 2" port and 7" stainless steel cheeks.


Ball Jointed Correction Bit

competition bal jointed correction 21041

Competition Ball Jointed Correction 1 1/2'' port 

Beautifully handcrafted bits are ideal for all training and show needs. These bits are made with heavy stainless steel so they won’t rust and with all the quality of workmanship of bits that are twice as expensive. 1¾” correction with copper bars, 7” cheek. 5” mouth.


Correction Bit

Bit with Correction Mouth

  • Nice leverage style bit to introduce to horses transitioning from a snaffle bit
  • Lower port allows each side to work separately for bending/flexing exercises
  • Simple design with stainless steel loose cheeks that will not pinch the cheeks
  • Stainless steel port and mouthpiece with copper inlay to promote salivation
  • Swept back shanks decrease signal response time from riders hands
  • Applies moderate palate pressure and some tongue pressure at the joints
  • Mouthpiece:  5”
  • Cheeks:  7”
  • Port:  1 ½”
  • Bar diameter:  3/8”


Code: 00414